Wall mountable and waterproof battery chargers without fan…


  • CCC1220
  • CCC1220s03
  • CCC12201203
  • CCC12201203s03


  • With TCS Charging Process (European Patent EP1254499)
  • Easily fitted for different battery types
  • Always charging to full capacity


  • Battery service life optimized
  • High efficiency
  • Low costs of maintenance


  • Failsafe and "intelligent"
  • No acoustic noise (no fan)


  • Water proof (IPX7 / IPX5)
  • Reinforced insulation


Model CCC1220: Charge current 20A (single output)
Model CCC1220s03: Charge current 20A + 3A (single output og input for solcelle)
Model CCC12201203: Charge current: 20A + 3A (dual output)
Model CCC12201203s03: Charge current: 20A + 3A + 3A (dual output og input for solcelle)
Model CVS1420BS: 14V /20A Power Supply version with electronic switching between shore power and battery
Compatible batteries: 12V, 40300Ah
Dimensions: 320x75x200mm
Weight: 2,6 kg
Main voltage: 230V, 50Hz
Class of Isolation: II (ReinforceD, thus, the charger can be safely connected to an outlet without protective earth)
Approvals/certificates: Fulfills the requirements in the low voltage directive and the EMC directive
Water proof: (IPX5/X7) (Output terminaler: IP44)
Efficiency: > 90%
Shortcircuit protection: Resistant to shortcircuiting of the output terminals
Polarization protected: Protected against wrong polarization of batteries
Temperature protected: Automatic shutdown at overtemperature
Options: OP01: External temperature sensor. OP02: Exsternal signal LED's

Intended for fixed installation in all agro related equipment and manufactured in a way, which makes hidden cabling a perfect solution.

The FIX charger comes in different versions with independent outputs and an isolated input. Also a combinded version with a power supply is very interesting, where you get electronic switching between electricity and battery.

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